About Dialogue Without Borders

As Greece and Germany dominate each other’s headlines and political discourse due to the financial crisis and the subsequent bail-outs, we aim to tackle the fact that polarised, uninformed and populist opinions tend to turn the citizens of one country against the other, while there is very little to any engagement between the politics or society of the two countries.

Taking advantage of live streaming technology, we aim to host a series of public debates in each public country. These public debates will take place concurrently in Greece and Germany. There will be two speakers and a moderator in each live location. One speaker in each location will be for a given motion and the other will be against.

Linking public events in both countries allows us to create interactive discursive spaces with a live audience, increasing the impact of the public event as such and informing public opinion on the different perspectives on the issues that affect the relationship between Greece and Germany.

The motions for the debates will be centred on issues that affect young people, especially in the field of the impact of EU policies on youth and issues of cohesion and solidarity across borders, as well as the appropriate responses to the recent financial crisis and shared challenges between Greeks and Germans.